Realizer with strong start in 2016

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Realizer is starting its 2016 fiscal year on a very positive note. Sales are increasing due to the sale of machines. SLM 125 and SLM 300i achieve the desired effect.

At the Formnext 2015 trade fair, Realizer presented its latest product, the SLM 300i. The allrounder, with a construction space of 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm, immediately left quite an impression. The compact and lean design as well as the unique powder handling quickly provided for excitement in both customers and interested parties. As such, it is no surprise that, already at the beginning of this year, innumerable inquiries and orders for the SLM 300i were received.

Additionally, strong sales figures were provided by the SLM 125, which was added to the product portfolio in 2014. The successor to the SLM 100 is a favourite in both the dental industry as well as in research, and also in commerce and industry. Large automotive manufacturers, dental studios and research facilities, both domestic and abroad, trust in our innovative technology.

Both machines provide for competitive advantages through innovative technology. A powder processing is integrated into the SLM 125 and the SLM 300i. In case of the SLM 300i, a new powder handling system even allows for a virtually contact-free handling of the material utilised. The changing of materials on the machine is implemented in under 2 hours.

Customers also continue to love the SLM 50. The worldwide one and only desktop machine for additive manufacturing is by now successfully in use at companies on each continent.

With an increase of 66 percent in the first quarter of fiscal year 2016 over the first quarter of fiscal year 2015, this year could once again lead to record sales for Realizer GmbH.