The solution to many problems

The system of the POWDER CAR.tridge unit developed by ReaLizer greatly simplifies handling raw materials in additive manufacturing. Long conversion times are now a thing of the past.


The POWDER CAR.tridge principle, developed for the SLM 300i, facilitates smooth changes between the raw materials to be used. Simply insert the POWDER CAR.tridge into the SLM 300i, dock it and it is ready to use.

When changing raw materials, all that is required is exchanging the CAR.tridge with raw material A for the CAR.tridge with raw material B. After cleaning the installation space, the new raw material can be used. This reduces conversion time to a minimum of two hours at most.

Another innovation is the fact that the complete powder cycle is implemented in the POWDER CAR.tridge. Tank, disposal, screen – it’s all included in the POWDER CAR.tridge.

With every SLM 300i, a Powder CAR.tridge is automatically included in the delivery. For each new raw material, it is possible to order an additional POWDER CAR.tridge.