New software is in starting blocks

RDedigner brings new features


At full speed the Realizer GmbH is working on the completion of their specially developed software solution for data preparation – the RDESIGNER.

With the help of RDesigner projects will be easier to implement in the future. „The RDesigner oriented, in contrast to other software, on the subject which is really produced. The software improves the building process a lot easier and makes this especially effective, „explains Daniel Isenberg, co-developer of the software.

By consult of the RDesigner software, support structures are produced more efficiently in the future and thus be easier to remove. Daniel Isenberg: „While currently hammer and chisel can be used to remove columns, these will be to eliminate using the RDesigner partly with the naked fingers.“

These are not all the features that you have to offer the RDesigner. For more information, see the next few weeks here on our website.


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